Avendula Massage

Massages and Prices


                                                1 Hour            90 Min            30 min            15 min
Relaxation                               $75.00            105.00              40.00                N/A            

            Good for anytime (once a month is recommended)  Get one just to feel better.  Help to balance body and mind.


Therapeutic or Sports             $80.00           125.00              46.00             22.00             

            To recover from an injury or from muscle pain from overuse.  Great for if you have pain when doing a movement or restricted motion.


Cancer                                    $80.00           125.00              46.00             N/A                 

            Durning the recovery phase of treatment to help with the side effects of the treatment and to help boost the bodies natural immunity.  Also feel good.


Cranial Sacral                         $80.00             N/A                   N/A                N/A                 

            The cranial bones pump cerebral spinal fluid around the brain and down the spine.  If this rhythm is off you can feel off or out of balance.  This massage is between any energy massage and a regular massage.


Lymphatic                                $80.00           125.00               N/A                N/A                 

            Good to get after being sick or at the seasonal weather change.  Recommend in the fall and in the spring.


Hot Stone                                $105.00         140.00              N/A                N/A                 

            Basalt stones are heated in a warmer.  Then some oil if put on you and on the stone.  The stone is then used on you, rubbed, placed and tucked on places of tension.  The heat from the stones is absorbed by the body to melt a way the tension.


Prenatal Massage                 $80.00              125.00              44.00           N/A                 

            Your body is going stressed because of the pregnancy and massage can help relieve the symptoms of it.  You can get massage through your whole pregnancy.  If you are having a difficult pregnancy please talk to you doctor before getting a massage.


Reflexology                           N/A                 $555                N/A                 N/A

            A 30 min massage of the feet working reflex point in the foot that works the whole body and internal organs.  It is also good to help with planter facetious or soar feet.


Chair Massage                      $1.25 per Minute

            Great for a quick pick me up at work.  Or Great for company gatherings. This massage can increase productivity and employee moral.  Maximum of 20 minutes.

In Home Massage                 $20.00
            Have any of the massages done in your home.  I will bring everything that is needed for the type of massage that you choose.  The fee covers Madison WI, call for other prices.  The more massage that are scheduled during the same visit the less the trip charge will be. 

Also located in the Park Bank Building 2810 Crossroads Drive suite 4035 Madison WI 53718